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Bragging rights XD9-Tactical

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HI Ya, I am just bragging; now 22,770 rounds thru my XD. I did a lot of steel competition with it; just a fine gun.

now my daughter likes it and i am inclined to give her it. 

however the trigger is 3 1/2 lbs; is that too light?

she likely will use it for home defense.


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I read on Instagram that you can’t get more than 2,500 rounds through an XD before it breaks.......



i don’t think that trigger would be too light, but I know trigger control. 

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IMO too light for a defensive gun. Id be concerned with light strikes. My XDM was at 4 and would get one occassionaly until I went with a heavier stryker spring. Havent checked the new weight though. 3.5 seems awful light for a striker fired defensive gun.

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HI Ya, trigger not too light, but i have gotten double taps occasionally AD; it never bothered me as the matches were only time based, and of course at least one hit per target.

however light strikes do happen also.

she probably would be better suited with a new factory gun. i have a Beretta 92FS that is stock. difficulty with that gun for a relative novice is dbl/single action, manual safety means larger learning curve.



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