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Mini rifle IPSC


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Anyone competing in the mini rifle competition? Very interested in this sport . I see it’s mostly shot over seas. Thinking this might be a fun shooting match. Looking for more info about mini rifle. Thanks



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I haven't done Mini Rifle myself but quite a few people at my club in Northern Europe do.

IPSC has a separate set of rules for Mini Rifle: https://www.ipsc.org/pdf/RulesMini-Rifle.pdf

It seems to be pretty much a scaled down version of IPSC Rifle:

Quote The recommended balance for an IPSC Mini Rifle match with regards to target distance is: 30% of all targets to be less than 25 meters, 50% to be between 25 and 40 meters and 20% to be between 40 and 120 meters.

People mainly practice in the Pistol IPSC bays of the range (one of them is pretty large) and on the 100m rifle range - and they mostly use the scaled down IPSC Mini and Micro targets and plates.


For many it is a low cost, easy access, low noise option for doing Practical Rifle.

Last time I was at the range, there was a Steel Challenge stage set up there. A father and son came there when I was leaving and they thought the steel set up was just right for them practicing target transitions.

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Good reason to get a rimfire BCG conversion for your AR, CMMG or M-261.  Black Dog has mags for both.  1/7 twist will work, or the dusty 1/12 bbl is even better.  Dedicated upper is the way to go.  Don't worry about rimfire fouling the gas tube, the first .223 will take care of it.  We are shooting indoor IPSC/Steel Challenge in Torrance, Ca.  FYI, RTB.com has had the best prices for CMMG BCG's

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Here in Brazil, in my state (Sao Paulo), we run MiniRifle toghether with Handgun (sharing stages and squads) every 2 months (except, of course, during this pandemic). I personally shoot MiniRifle Open. AR plataform, dedicated upper with Black Dog mags. Many people use the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22. Any misfire is ammo.

Also, we run some Steel Challenge Matches during the year.

I can say without doubt: it is A LOT OF FUN... And of course cheap to shoot compared to Rifle.


In SC MiniRifle is a lot faster than handguns, because the starting position is pointing to a flag 3 meters in front of the box instead of using surrender position. In IPSC, is as fast as the Open Division, if not faster.

It is a very competitive Discipline.


My 2 cents.


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I used to compete in this. Reliability is no. 1 because clearing a jam is very difficult due to its very small ammo. Otherwise its quite easy and fun to shoot. Ipsc Phils. here. 

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