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Any interest in a HUGE round count (466) pistol match?

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How many would be interested in a HUGE round count (466) pistol match?
I have a lot of available slots in the "PCC" match May 23-24, had a couple ask if they could shoot it pistol. Any interest?
As a separate match with pistol only squads - it's a USPSA match so no long shots.

AT Lead Farm 3 Gun range in Versailles MO 65084(google for distance) - lodging available at the range.

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  • ChuckS changed the title to Any interest in a HUGE round count (466) pistol match?

Get with your core group of staff and shooters-talk to them about it as they will be the ones that help you put it on and pay for it. My range has run a 300 +round match (numerous times), a 400+ round match, a 500+ round match and the 600+ round match over 2 days and 18 totally different stages just to prove that it can be done. (not recommended if you want to keep your staff happy though...…)  See what your group wants to do and shoot. If you have good stages, competitors will make the effort to come and shoot them for the right price.  Run it as a level 1 fun match and enjoy.  

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9 hours ago, Out of Ammo said:

I wish I had known about this earlier.  Any chance of next year?

Not sure, since the PCC entries are down due to fear, I opened up some slots for pistol shooters. 

So next year will be determined by PCC entry numbers. 

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