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Cmore slide ride

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I run them on my PCC's, the railway versions.  I use 6moa on 9mm, 4moa on a .22.



- A very crisp dot.

- Big round window naturally centers things and really stays out of the way in terms of interfering visually.

- distance between emitter and screen makes it stay nice and centered compared to many smaller red dot bodies as you move around, so it lines up really fast.



- Like a single-faucet shower, the 'sweet spot' for brightness is sometimes like a micron between too dim and blown out on the dial.

- Can be harder to see on sunny days, but there are hood attachments out there that help.

- Uncommon battery compared to other coin-types.

- can sometimes be knocked out of zero

- takes up more rail space so fitting rear backup iron sight might be tough.

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I run them on my pcc’s

the biggest advantage was I already owned them and they were sitting safe

in addition to the above you can change dot modules easily, I went from a 8 moa to a 4 recently. The 8 moa seem huge because it sits about a foot closer to the eye on a pcc as opposed to a hand gun


for batteries, if you cannot find a 1/3N cell, you can stack 2, 357 batteries 

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in addition to the above.


Pros. It is a proven optic for competition. Many good shooters have used and continue to use them.  


Cons. New technology in optics offer for better and bigger glass.  This cause others to switch.

It does take up a lot of top rail space,  but i was able to fit an offset micro dot as backup.

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