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frank garcia dot drill. whats a good score?


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I shot this drill with my new limited gun and sti edge.  I have been shooting a g34 for a couple years.  I have run the drill with my 34 but never counted it for a score.


I shot a 20/36 on Sunday with the edge.  Anyone have an idea of an except-able score on this drill?




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There's a lot of GM's that don't or can't 36/36 it on a regular basis (well, the ones that do shoot the drill regularly probably can, but one that doesn't probably not)


As a regular-Joe shooter anything in the 30's is good, but the real test comes when you've got 5 dots clean and are working on dot #6.  First time I got there the pressure felt like I was back at the Steel Challenge with the whole damn Super Squad watching me shoot Smoke and Hope.


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I agree anything above 30's. 

Way back when i was practicing i used to do this drill with a 25 sec par time and in between dot i have to reload.


I miss shooting...😢

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