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My Range Opens Monday :)

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Face masks if you get close to other people


Distancing - more than 6 feet apart


Opened only from 9:00 - 5:00, IFF we had enough RO's.   No RO, not open.

And the code to the lock was changed - only very few RO's had the new code.


Before the Virus, all members had code to get in the gate, and they checked

themselves in - sign in sheet in a trailer. 


At check in, the shooter now shows his badge and the RO (one of at least two RO's on duty)

records the shooter's name, number, bay, time in and time out - no one touches

anything that was just touched by another person.  And, the checkin table is

outside - RO's were wearing N95 masks.


After two months closed, I would have bet the Farm that Monday would be

overwhelmed with cars parked out the driveway.  Neither Monday nor Tuesday

were very busy.  Had about two dozen shooters on Tuesday (my day to

be one of the RO's).  Mostly in the a.m. as it got up to 90 F in the p.m.


We had a list of all the ranges, and kept track if someone was on a range -

tried, successfully, to keep track of which ranges were filled and empty.


If ranges got crowded, the plan was to keep additional shooters in their

cars until a range opened up - so far, no need .   Maybe the weekend.


Had only one shooter "lost his cool" with the new procedure - he didn't

want to comply so he said he was going home.   Everyone else was

thoroughly happy with the new regs, and quite a few "thank you's"

for us being out there checking them in.


The first two days worked very well - of course, all competitions

were cancelled months ago.  See what happens, might have to

make modifications with more experience.   One concern is having

one of those very windy days we get down here on occasion -

this outdoor arrangement may not be satisfactory for heavy


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Hi Jack,

Everything going pretty well here, no one in my apartment complex has come down with the virus.  Just hope it ends sooner rather than later.  Just amusing myself playing with Wolfie (my German Shepherd).

Wolfie 2.jpg

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Glad everything is okay.    :) 


Strange way to end our lives, isn't it ?


Never thought the 20's would end with a whimper.     :( 


I also hope this is all over soon, but I doubt it - have a feeling

this is going to last another year or two - by which time I'll

be old.    :( 

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