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Quarantine practice list?

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Howdy, folks. Quasi-newb here. I'm not new to competitive shooting, as I shot Cowboy Action intensively for a number of years, and probably a few dozen USPSA matches over several years. I'm a rank newb where three gun is concerned, though. 


I've wanted to try for years, and was just about to jump in in '14, but life took a hard left turn, and I found myself remodeling houses and raising babies for several years. My shooting came to a screeching halt.


I was just hoping that this would be the year to get going again, when all this quarantine business came up.  Suddenly, all the matches ate canceled, but just as suddenly,  I've got plenty of time for dry fire, and even some for live. 


My question for you folks, then, is what should I do with it? 


I can think of some obvious things, draws, mag changes, shotgun loading, gun transitions, and the like. Any tips on how to do those, 3- gun style? 


How do you practice movement, getting into and out of prone, those sorts of things? 


If it's relevant, I'm hoping to shoot Heavy Irons, with an M-14S, (just got, haven't even shot that one, yet,) an STI Lawman, (my Single Stack gun,) and a Mossberg 590. (I grew up on an 870, but never loved it. Flat hated it, after a hand injury made me a lefty, hence the Mossy. Though, some reading lately points toward the Winchester 1300 as being a better bet for this game, though I've never seen the why elaborated on.)


Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any ideas or suggestions! 

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