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M&P 2.0 CORE cut different than 1.0


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It looks like the CORE cut on the new performance center 2.0 M&Ps is different than the 1.0 - it’s a little longer as mentioned here:




In addition there are now 7 plates instead of the original 5 with the 1.0. They’re also plastic now instead of steel. 

Any ideas which optics the 2 new plates fit?

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7 hours ago, FightFireJay said:

How could they be plastic?  Does the optic screwed through the plate into the slide?

Yes they are plastic and yes the bolts holding the optic go through them and thread directly into the slide. All the plates do is position the sight and all of the structural load is taken by the bolts and/or the end of the recess.


And yes, the two new plates are #6 for the Deltapoint Pro and #7 for the Nikon Spur.  Making the slide fit the Deltapoint Pro was a no brainer.  Making it fit the Nikon is a surprise since the Spur is uncommon but I guess it was an easy line extension.

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2 hours ago, FightFireJay said:

While that would be nice, I think if anything they would want to support Crimson Trace and not a direct competitor like Sig.

True. What I really want is more red dot alternatives with large windows. The Trijicon SRO is good, but still has distortion and glare issues that the Sig doesn't.

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