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Curious, any issues with broken PCC trigger springs?

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I shoot PCC almost exclusively in USPSA & UML 3-gun. Many thousands of rounds each year and have broken 2 trigger springs in the last couple of years. Not going to bash the brand cause their CS has been excellent and have replaced them in a timely fashion no questions asked with a lifetime warranty. They are drop in.


Been running PCC since day 1 in USPSA due to a hand injury that stopped me from shooting open. When we first started shooting PCC's several years ago, I tried almost all the top trigger brands and prefer this one. Since then many new PCC only triggers are out. We also run them in our 3-gun AR's. Have never had an issue in the AR's. We have 5 total.


My PCC is of very good quality parts with a top brand billet lower, BCG, & buffer/recoil system. No slop or play in the trigger pin holes and line up exactly where they should. Use quality trigger pins. Run my 115gr plated load right at minor PF. Clean the gun after almost every match. Seems to be only an issue with 1 of the 2 PCC's we run, but the second one doesn't have quite as many rounds. We have same trigger, BCG, & buffer in it. Different barrels, but both top brands, upper, & lower are different brands, also.


I have heard blow back PCC's are hard on triggers. Any feedback?



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Same here with all the same triggers but have only had the PCC break. Probably not as many rounds on the AR triggers and with 5 or 6 50 round hoser stages at matches and replacing shotgun & pistol @ UML matches PCC's are probably run much harder, dirtier, hotter, & longer at one time. First trigger probably had 30K or more on it, not sure this time how many. 



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