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school me on hiperfire triggers for PCC

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+1 on the Hiperfire Eclipse. No problems after 3000 rounds. 2.5 pounds. Mine is a Gen 2 and I’ve ordered another for a backup.

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Mine ECL is piercing primers here and there. Replaced heavy spring with medium and hope this cured the issue. Did not shoot much last weeks due to summer

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I'm running the Eclipse in both my AR9 and AR15, want to keep things as similar as possible between them. Very happy. They are pricey, but have given me nothing but joy. They are a pleasure to shoot and no problems what so ever. I especially like the very tactile reset, helps prevent trigger freeze.


If you get pierced primers I would use harder primers, not weaker spings - those give harder trigger pull with the Hiperfire.

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How often do you clean out all of the blow back crap out of the lower?  I went a bit over 1K with a 243G and a scary situation happened.  I pulled the trigger and there was a 1-2 second delay before the hammer released.  It happened again and upon inspection I discovered that build up on the spring rods would hold back the hammer for a bit of time.  Cleaning things up and all was GTG again.  I have since moved the 243G over to another AR and swapped my PCC over to a CMC 9mm.   243G is a great trigger.... keep it clean.  

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On 8/8/2020 at 10:43 PM, kellymc said:

Hiperfire didn’t recommend it. But I went with the 99 dollar EDT trigger. Only at 400 rounds now. We’ll see 


I have the EDT3 in my PCC and have around 5k rounds through it and no problems. Its a little heavy pull for gaming.

Looking for a lighter trigger.

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Every now and then I shoot the Hyperfire with Remington Action Cleaner, let it drain out the bottom, then blow dry.  It does a superb job without having to remove the trigger from the gun.

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On 4/28/2020 at 9:36 PM, jaredr said:



Is there any truth to the conventional wisdom that 9mm PCC guns need a "different" trigger? I've probably only got 1-2K rounds through this gun but it's held up fine with a generic GI parts kit fire control group (i.e. held up fine meaning it continues to work but the trigger pull is horrendous). 


thanks for reading :)

I haven't had a failure of a "normal" trigger in a PCC but did experience random double and triple fires - during a match no less - had to "slap" the trigger to finish the match.  Timney 1.5 lb Calvin was the biggest culprit - awesome trigger in my .223,  but issues in the 9mm.  Replaced it with a CMC .223 trigger, no issues at all.  Go figure.   

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