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Ceramic Polishing Media

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I saw a video using ceramic polishing media for cleaning brass. So I thought I would try it. The guy in the video said to use 3/16x3/8 media for 9mm. So I bought some. Its dia. is .182 which is just a little less that 3/16. If I clean 400-500 cases about 50 will have two pieces wedged inside. So can someone tell me were they are getting a true 3/16 so this won't happen. I do like the way it cleans the cases  and the tumbler run for about 20 min. and it done.


Thanks Brad

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As long as the ceramic is cylindrical...it's going to bridge inside the case and jam-up no matter the size.  Spherical / ball ceramic does better but it won't clean the primer pockets. 
A word of caution, using a vibratory tumbler with water is not a good idea. Better to use a rotary tumbler that's designed for liquids.


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