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Help for my DSB

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Hello all, I just did a caliber change on my DSB. Can anyone tell me why my press feels like it is under pressure during cycling. By " under pressure"  I mean

as I reload I have lost the fluid motion I used to have. Almost like the powder rod is bent or restricted.

I have noticed that as I end a session, and begin to empty the shell plate things lighten up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Pictures wold help. Perhaps you have the dies set wrong. Try taking off the rod and see if that helps. Might be on wrong. Try taking one die at a time out and see if that solves it. It maybe  simple as that you overtightened the shellplate or you set the crimp die too tight.

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I’ve put the fail safe powder rod backwards on my 650 before. It cycled but was difficult. I discovered it within 20 or 30 rounds though so that may well not be the issue here. Pull it all apart and make sure it’s cleaned, lubed, then try it again with tightening shell plate properly. That would be my first suggestion

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