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C-100 in .40


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Went by the local pawn shop to pick up some ammo and did a quick browse of their pistols. To my surprise, I saw a CZ PCR in the display case. Upon closer review, it was actually a Tristar C-100 in .40. I’m familiar with these CZ clones, but I’ve never actually seen one before. 


Price was $329 and comes with 2 magazines. I’ve looked online and these are out of stock everywhere. Though, I don’t know how popular these are in .40. The 9mm version is available online new for around $340. 


I’m tempted to make them an offer since I like .40 pistols. However, I’ve read mixed reviews about CZ’s in .40 and know nothing about Tristar’s in .40 cal. Also, the magazines only hold 11 rounds.


Has anyone had any experience with the Tristars in .40? All of what I’ve read and seen videos on are for their 9mm clones and those reviews have all been positive.

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