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SP01 retention holster


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FWIW, I also 3 gun with a SP-01. I use a Safariland 5198, and tighten the tension screw slightly. Not sure I’d want to shoot Hard As Hell with it, but it has been solid for everything else, club and majors, with plenty of running, jumping and prone. Heck, I’d even rappel off a barstool with it and not worry about losing my gat.

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Safariland does make a holster that fits the SP-01. It has retention. Very secure but easy to draw. It has a release that is actuated by your middle finger as you grip the gun during the draw stroke. Very natural.


I own it the short slide version for my P-01. Here are photos.








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The plot thickens. I actually have the version that fits the SP-01. Found in my box of "stuff". I forgot it was a Safariland because I wrapped it in vinyl.

Here it is with the vinyl.

Here it is after I peeled off the vinyl. Shows the model number.


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