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Magazine help for sti dvc 3gun I’m new to 2011’s


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I’m trying to get back into uspsa and 3 gun after taking 8 years off while my kids were little and recently traded into a used STI DVC 3gun 9mm.

The person I traded with gave me 4 mags with the gun. It appears the 2 black ones are the factory sti mags that came with the gun and the 2 silver ones are aftermarket? I’m having multiple issues with the mags.

The long silver magazine on the right is tight in the mag well. It goes in and clicks but won’t drop free. Appears to be too long front to back. It measures around  1.38-1.392” vs the other mags measure 1.365-1.38”. Can I just sand down the outside a bit? Is it the wrong magazine for the gun?


Next im having issues with bullets feeding up the mag, seems the mags might be too wide inside and the bullets are wedging side by side? Best way I can describe it is the mag feeds a few then stops feeding, pull the mag out and the top portion of the loaded bullets in the mag are loose and you can shake the bullets out and about half way down or so there are bullets “stuck” I have to use a screwdriver to push down on the second bullet down and then the bullets come loose and feed up. This happens on the 2 black sti mags. I noticed that the 2 silver ones without spacers when they are loaded you can shake the magazine and sounds like the bullets are just Rattling around loose inside the magazines. Is that normal? My Glock, M&P, and other mag feed guns don’t do that, maybe because there is more space front to back?


Last thing I noticed is the 2 black mags use spacers and the 2 silver mags don’t, the short silver magazine is shorter than the 2 black mags but uses a longer spring? There is also 3 different looking followers?


can anyone help me figure out what I need to do to make these mags serviceable? I ordered 3 new style sti mags to be able to get shooting but would like to get these working as well.



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I gave up trying to make STI factory mags work and switched to MBX mags and they have all worked for me. I understand the new Gen 2 STI mags are supposed to be better though but I don't want to risk it. Good luck with your"s and enjoy the new gun.

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I bought a DVC 3-gun, new, around Christmas 2018.  I have 7 of the newer STI magazines.  I have never used spacers, and I've never had a problem with the magazines.  I've shot everything from WWB to my own long reloads, no problems at all.  I'm guessing the guy who sold this to you kept the newer magazines and dumped these on you, since you didn't know better.  I'd suggest you get new STI mags and put these away.

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