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Glock 34/Sig X5 legion


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Can't assume anything.


Have you searched the forum yet for loads?


What bullet, weight, PF, or other things are you planning to use? 


The chambers of the 34 and Sig may be different. When I want a universal load I plan it around the tightest barrel I own. I assume you know how to "plunk test" your loads? If not search the forum there are many threads which describe it quite well.


I just loaded some RMR 124 JHPs today for PCC. The OAL which works is 1.08, using SP 3.8 grains of powder works great in the PCC.

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Gen 5 Glocks have surprisingly short throats. When I had a polymer PPQ Q5 Match, that was my plunk test barrel for "universal" ammo. Now that the Q5 match is gone I use a Gen5 barrel.

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