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JP 9mm SCS Gen 1 repurpose for 223?


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I have an older JP SCS (gen 1) that was made for the GMR.

It consists of tungsten (? I think) weights and has 2 separate carriers, each with 2 weights.  Therefore 4 weights total.

Each carrier + 2 weights is 4.5oz.  (Therefore the total weight of the gen 1 system, carriers and weights is 9 oz.)


I haven't used this setup in a while since I upgraded, but was wondering..

Can I remove one of these carriers and run it in a JP-15 in 223?  That means an SCS with a 2 weight system (instead of 3) weighing 4.5oz?

I will ofcourse change the spring as needed.

My JP-15 has a low mass LMOS carrier and adjustable gas block.


Has anyone tried this?  Just have free time as we all do and looking to dust off and repurpose some parts.

Is length of the reciprocating mass an issue?  If so I think I can add a delrin spacer in there to lengthen the reciprocating mass as a "placeholder"

Thanks for your time and humouring me.



The SCS looks like this.. notice that the carrier is two pieces, so one carrier can be removed.



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