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New buffer system for Wilson AR-9X (and maybe new comp?)

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I'm new to this forum but certainly not to online gun forums or pistol/rifle shooting. However, the expertise here is just what I need to get my PCC on track and I have not seen this answered by "creeping around" the forum :)


I have a new Wilson Combat AR-9X, 8" barrel, with an SBA4 brace (standard carbine length). The Wilson BCG is weighted, it is presently using an H3 buffer, and the spring is a 60-coil chrome silicone flatwire variety. This thing is stupid stiff and pulling the charging handle is like lifting weights (most people, when they first try, think the charging handle is actually locked!). The guts are all stock (I put on the SBA4 brace). On the front sits a JP Enterprises JPTRE3-324B (5/8 x 24) 3-port comp reamed for 9mm. It only has side ports and I am realizing this was a poor choice but that is another side topic outside the buffer issue.


That all being said, the pistol has much snappier recoil that I think a 9mm PCC/pistol should have. As is no surprise, 147 gr seems to provide the least recoil but there is way more dot movement (Vortex Venom) than I should be seeing. YES - it is only an 8" barrel and YES the comp can be better, but I am fairly certain that changing out and tuning the buffer assembly will help. I am hoping someone here has experience with a similar setup and can lend some advice.


I have a JP Enterprises SCS for my AR-15 and its nice and tunable and works well for that platform. I have, however, been drawn to the MBX PCC Recoil Reduction system and it seems like a good alternative, too.


So - thoughts? JP Enterprises? MBX? Something else? Thanks and appreciated! Stay safe and healthy!



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Sounds like that spring may be overly stout... If you have one kicking around, you might want to try a normal/regular .308 carbine spring as that’s what’s fairly usual in most blowback AR9’s, or even a Springco blue spring if you have one of those, also/or, if you can remove the weight from the bolt fairly easy you might wanna try that (sounds like your spring is certainly strong enough to run without it and it might help with dot movement).

There’s quite a few things you could try, but I’d try the free stuff first before you start buying stuff 😉

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First, I’d try and take the weight out and see if that makes a difference.  It did with my setup, but I’m also not running a barrel that short.  The JP systems is a rock solid design.  I haven’t played around with the MBX system.  The Taccom and he Blitzkrieg systems are the only 2 that I’ve used that have regular springs and I think I’ve settled in on the blitzkrieg with 308 carbine spring 

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I am going to start by taking the weight out of the BCG. It is MUCH easier (only a roll pin) than removing the buffer weight and spring. I don’t mean the process..that’s easy (we’ve all done it a million times). 

That damn 60-coil spring is so stout that I have to put it back in one coil at a time, locked onto the retaining pin, to get it back in. If I have to do it again, it’s staying out forever!


I also would love to have the MBX 3-port (all top) compensator but I need it in 5/8x24 (supposed to be coming) because Wilson uses that thread. The JP/side ports only comp isn’t as effective I don't believe. 

I am trying to find someone with some .308 springs to try. I have some .223 ones but I am not sure of that effectiveness. If I go with a whole different system, I am becoming more interested in the Blitzkrieg/KynShot (whatever)

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21 hours ago, Ytown1911 said:

If I go with a whole different system, I am becoming more interested in the Blitzkrieg/KynShot (whatever)


 Before I took the deep dive into MPX-land, I tried more than a few of the systems out there for blowback AR9's including the JP SCS system on the expensive end, and just a heavier buffer (12oz) on the cheaper end... the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot + orange Springco spring worked and felt the best for me with the least messing around.

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I don’t know a damn person with a 308 spring (spare, anyway) but I had to place an order for some mags from Wilson and I just threw one in the cart. 

Once it arrives, I will try it WITH the BCG weight still installed and then WITHOUT the weight. 

If I don’t see any improvement there, or room for some, it’s off to hydraulic-buffer land. All I know is that the stock WC spring has to go lol

Still working on the new comp...

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