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Issues with Taccom stuff and CMC 3G trigger.

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I just built a pcc and I am facing issues.


Here is the set up

I got these parts from Taccom; 13/16 barrel, BCG (standard 9mm), and 3 stage recoil system.

Other parts are; Aero upper, FM9 lower, and CMC 2.5lb trigger.

Ammo used: 125gr Gallant bullets, 1.130oal, and 138pf (out of Q5sf) 


I shot about 1k rounds with it so far. The first couple of hundred rounds, I had issues with trigger not resetting, FTF, and FTE. I had more than one malf every 20 rounds.

Then I took the 2 spacer rings out of the 3stg recoil system. Now the trigger resets normally and the number of FTF and FTE dropped significantly but a pin that holds the weight on the butt of BCG walked out inside the gun causing the BCG to stop moving. Look picture below.


Any suggestions on how to keep the pin from walking out? I was thinking of using red loctite or removing the pin and the weight. I am not sure if it's going to work though.



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I had the same issue with the CMC trigger reset on my PCC & removed the same spacers & have zero reset issues. Try the BCG without the weight. I prefer it out in mine, feels softer, less bounce at least with my ammo. I run 115 & 124's right at minor PF. Just experimented with & without the weight a few days ago. 


We have that same barrel watch your OAL for failures.We had a series of random failures when we first got it and I realized I had not reset my OAL from some major ammo. It was at 1.16-1.17. Went back to my normal 1.12 & the failures stopped.



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12 hours ago, hwansikcjswo said:

a pin that holds the weight on the butt of BCG walked out inside the gun causing the BCG to stop moving.


Had that happen to my CMMG bolt, Go to the hardware store and get a replacement pin. The ones that some MFG use are really weak. Install the new pin and if it moves again drive a smaller pin inside the larger pin to increase tension. Be careful if you leave the weight out as you may beat the crap out of your buffer.

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Not with the 3-stage Taccom buffer. I have thousands of rounds and a couple of years on our 2 PCCs with these installed in both and just pulled them the other day to clean, lightly oil, & check for wear. Both looked perfect as the day they were first installed. Mine has the weight out and hers weight in. No difference. Love these set ups.




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