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Need Dillon #17808 Casefeed Bowl Insert

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I am trying to get a Super 1050 back in operation and need the metal plate called Casefeed Bowl Insert, Part #17808 (Item #26 in the below picture).  It is the gold anodized curved metal plate that attaches to the top of the bowl.  Dillon seems to no longer carry it since they went to the all plastic case bowls.  I am thinking that someone might have one who has replaced their bowl with the new all plastic version.  Without it, this machine will never run again.  Can you please help me?



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OK, problems solved!  I'll post this as an FYI for anyone trying to get out of stock Dillon parts.


Long story short:  Two weeks ago (on a Saturday) I called Dillon Tech Support to get some parts for a Super 1050 and after a 52 minute wait, finally got to talk to a live person. I identified the six parts I needed, one being the Casefeeder plate #17808. He said they changed the design and no longer stock that part since the bowl is now one-piece. (I thought companies were required by federal law to stock parts for out of production equipment for 10 years.) He said he would send me the 5 parts I needed but would only have to charge me for one of them.  OK, no problem. And he would look around for a 1050 that had been made non-functional because parts had been stripped from it and take the Casefeeder plate off it, (no charge).  I was elated. A week goes by and a Dillon envelope show up in the mail with only a micro-switch in it. No calls, no email, nothing.


Wednesday (2 days ago), I posted this looking for help from the forum members.  No replies. I didn't really expect anyone would have a spare Casefeeder plate but thought I would at least ask.


Thursday, I called Dillon Tech Support a second time and after a 45 minute wait, talked to another tech support person. I explained the problem so he said that I could have just order the parts I wanted on-line without having to wait.  Also that the Casefeeder plate was no longer manufactured and there were none in stock. I asked him what I could do? He thinks for a few minutes and says, "This is a long shot but may be worth a try.  Call Bill Larsen, Manager of the Repair Center and see if he has any laying around." 


After hanging up with him, I went on-line and ordered the parts I needed.  This method does no get you any free parts like can happen by talking to a live tech support person but takes the human out of the picture so you are not left at their mercy.


I called Bill two times but no one picked up and I did not leave a message.  Finally, I called a third time and left a message explaining my predicament, throwing myself on his mercy. An hour later Bill calls back and says he has the part, he already has my shipping info, and will mail me the part that day. I can not thank him enough. I am now eagerly awaiting the packages to show up in my mail box. 


I hope this information helps you if you ever run into a similar problem.  That's my story, Your Honor, and I'm sticking to it.

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OK, just an update for anyone following this soap opera:


I picked up my mail tonight and there was an envelope from Dillon.  Hmm, doesn't look big enough to hold my Casefeeder plate #17808.  Opened it up and I was right.  It did contain a small white plastic piece #17037.  This must be the replacement cam for the new one piece bowl.  It is Saturday night so I will once again have to wait and call Dillon on Monday morning.


Does anyone else have problems like this or is it just me?

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If your a FaceBook user, I've seen a LOT of older parts come up for sale.............


Post here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DillonTrader/?ref=bookmarks


And here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DillonReloaders/




PS:  I've talked to SEVERAL different CS Reps at Dillon concerning a press I've had ordered for 13 weeks, and I have to say it's very easy to get conflicting information as many employees are working remotely (from home?).  Last call I made yesterday was actually someone still working out of the shop.........



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Soap opera update:


My last post was Saturday (see above) so this Tuesday I called Bill Larsen, Manager of the Repair Center, and told him he sent me the wrong part.  He apologized and said he would ship the correct one that day.  I also asked if he could throw in a power switch for my other 1050 since the one I had was intermittent and you sometimes had to wiggle it to come on.  No problem, he replied.  Later that day I got a notice the part had shipped USPS.


The next day, Wednesday, I clicked on the USPS tracking number link that I was sent and it said the part was delivered two days ago to Bumfart, Texas.  Huhh? Then later in the day, another email with yet another USPS tracking number and it showed the part went from Scottsdale to Phoenix then to San Diego.


Today I clicked on the 1st tracking number and it said it had been delivered. I went out to my mailbox and there was my Casefeeder Bowl Insert #17808 and it even included the screws.  I'm happy, happy, happy!  Dillon rocks!


I guess the other tracking number must be the power switch although I would have thought they would have shipped them together to save on shipping costs.  When I clicked on the 2nd USPS tracking number it says the part will arrive in San Diego by midnight tonight so I assume it will be delivered tomorrow. I have no idea what the Texas delivery was about.

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