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Moving from shooting Limited&Prod to Lim&SS


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I wanted to take a break from limited to get back to the fundamentals, so I started shooting production with a CZ shadow 2 in November. I picked up a 2011 for when I eventually get back to limited later in the year.I had a new idea though and wanted to get some opinions:


To make switching between classes easier and my dry fire training more meaningful, I thought about using single stack as my low cap "training" division when that mood strikes me. I figured that indexing/reloading/etc between a SS and a 2011 would be closer than going from CZ to a 2011.


So my idea was to go with a .40 SS gun. I could run major, or run the 10 rd Tripp mags and go .40 minor for steel matches or clubs where I feel that minor is the way to go. I already have developed good major and minor loads, plus this has the added benefit of consolidating brass and projectiles.







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.40 SS really shines in (2) areas.

Same load as your limited gun.

Slide forward reloads go in like butter (because of the un-used space in mags) 


*word of warning, slide LOCK reloads require a little finesse. If your too hasty, you'll see a death-jam from H#ll. This applies to using 40/10mm &/or .45acp mags

While we try NOT to go to slide lock.. stage designers are not always considerate of shinny guns. 


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My only concern is seating 10rd 40 mags. Some people seem to have no trouble with the Tripp mags, others say they need to clip a coil or they hardly seat. Or they get nosedives. I guess its one of those things that have to be sorted out individually. Obviously its nice to go with 9 for minor but it seems like having one gun for both outweighs the potential mag issue.

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