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FW arms swage die

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3 hours ago, Czgunsalot said:

Curious if anyone has experience with 

seems legit.


I have both the decapper and swage station foot (hold down die). Both work as advertized. And in the case of decapping or swaging .223 brass I prefer them over the MA's or any other brands because the case mouths don't get damaged. The sliding bushing garantuees the cases enter the die straight.


The FW dies however are very long but for me that has not turned out to be a problem (on the Mark 7 Evo or Dillon 650).


Stay safe,


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Ive swapped over to them for everything. Hands down the best hold down and decapping dies on the market at this time. I use them when processing pistol and rifle brass. No more dented necks or broken pins from wobbling brass at high speeds. The decapping is also MUCH less likely to break when a case is mis fed into the shell plate and it ends up on top of the shell plate at station 1 as the press down strokes. 


Very much looking forward to getting their new shell plates as well for processing. 

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