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Looking at 20" uppers


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Looking at getting a 20" upper for a DMR style rifle. Looking at the 20" to get all the velocity out of the 556 round. Looking at the following, let me know. Shooting reduced size steel at a distance. 


- BCM 416 steel upper

- Aero precision

- Or is there another company to look at 





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I built one years ago on a 20" Lilja on a vltor upper and it is insanely accurate, as one would expect from that barrel maker. Not crazy heavy for what it is either, a fairly nice barrel profile.  I've shot a lot of .25" 5 shot groups at 100 with good ammo, and it's always under 1/2" with any decent factory ammo. Only pushed it to 550, which is plenty far for me with 223 ammo, but it doesn't lose anything in accuracy at that distance.  


I'd also look at Faxon, way cheaper and I recently got a few of their gunner profile nitride barrels that I've been super happy with them. 20" also has a higher end fluted option available I'd assume is at least as good, but not sure how it comes in on weight.  The gunner profile is pretty reasonable. 


Final thought for you is the rainier arms match barrels - come in at awesome prices and while i've never used a 223 20" from them I've had good success with some other models, however these some to be on the heavier side of profiles, more like a true "DMR" profile. 


This of course assuming you're good to build your own.

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For a complete gun or upper I'd look at JP or Larue.  Those are the two that have consistently delivered superb accuracy.  If you're on a budget than build using a premium barrel.


I've had great accuracy out of the Proof Research stainless steel barrels.  I believe they're the most consistently accurate barrels until you get to the customs.


If I remember correctly Compass Lake makes custom AR ready barrels out of Bartlein and Kreiger blanks.

Here it is:



Other factors in the consistency of an AR is the design of the upper.  If building I'd look at Seekins or the Larue UU kit.  Both have more meat on the interface between the upper and the barrel that will help as you start to warm things up.  I think the Seekins has more material and you can't beat their warranty.  They also have hand guards that bear weight on the receiver instead of the barrel nut.





Other topics you may want to look into are, pressure fit barrels (it sounds involved but really isn't that hard.  you just need a cheap torch from a hardware store), and upper receiver lapping.  I haven't lapped an upper yet but people with credibility seem to think its a good idea, and when you see the amount of material that's removed to square an upper it'll make you cringe.  


I have a 20" Proof barrel with some rounds on it I'd part with cheap.  Feel free to PM me if you're interested.

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I bought a larue barrel to try out and turns out its pretty damn accurate its sub moa with my loads all day long the price is not bad either I'd put it up against a $500 custom barrel all day long and I'm not a larue fan boy either I'm pretty much the opposite 

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