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Wear your glasses!!


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I know this seem like something that shouldn't be stated - but we all sometimes get slack from time to time...yesterday evening I'd forgotten my glass when I went to practice so I just work on paper targets. This evening while shooting on my plate rack at 17 yards, this happens. Somehow a ricochet got back to me....had to have the wife dig what was left of the 124 JHP MG out..I know it goes without says unless you're a dummy(that's me yesterday!!), always protect your eye's!!


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I've been hit by jacket/bullet material hard enough to draw blood a few times over they years, and a couple of them occurred when I was not shooting.  Glad you were wearing your eye protection.


The title of your post is excellent advice.  And I'll add to it . . . . insist that others on the range wear glasses too.

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