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Rapid trim vacuum shroud 650 question?

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I’m using a dedicated 650 tool head for .233 brass prep

Prep tool head: 
Station 1 decap/full length resize
Station 2 blank 
Station 3 rapid trim 
Station 4 blank 
Station 5 Lyman M die(to debur and get ready for bullet feeder) 
my problem is the rapid trim vacuum shroud is hitting the pin that holds the tool head in. 
Are you guys just leaving it out? 
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I'm not using m die and using the trimmer in station 4. But your better off modifying the shroud. Even with the cheapest vacuum you should have plenty of suction. It may even be an improvement mine says down when the hose is connected if you drill a hole where the pin is it may force it to stay straight.

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I made a home made pin that I can get in/out with the shroud attached. It is not something to be real proud of, but it was a cut off piece of an old mag spring ( L shaped) with some masking tape to make it fit tighter. It's not pretty, but I figured it's better than no pin.

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I figured it out a roofing nail cut down to size and ground a flat off on one side of the head and I have to take the Vacuum shroud off to get it out but that’s not a big deal.

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