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WC-846 for 223?


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 A friend and I recently got a hold of some WC-846 surplus powder. New stock, not pulled stock.  Have any of you had any success with it? Mainly going to be used for <250yd plinking.  Looking around I can't find much information or tips of people using it that is less than 8 years old. Are you still using it? Any tips?  The bottle says that it uses BLC-2 load data minus 10%.  Yes, we are going to start low and work up with a Chrono too.


Thanks for any input!

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I'm currently using this for plinking loads also. My lot (10461) is way faster than BLC2, maybe a touch faster than  my can of H335. I chronoed(?) some back in the winter. With 55g Hornadys,  24.3 gave me 2803 out of my 16" 556 barrel @39 degrees. I got a little shy after thinking it was a much slower powder and got 3109 from 25.6g on my first testing with obvious over pressure signs.

I'm thinking my lot, with my 16" barrel, will max out just under 25g or so with 55 grain bullets. For reference I measured 5 shots of American Eagle 223 black box @2887. 

I also ran some 52g bulets in a 20" wylde barrel. 24.5 WC846 gave me 3072 and 25.0 of H335 gave me 3061.


I'm new to this also. Hope this helps 

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Also, 23grain of WC846 and a 75 gr. Hornady gave me over 2800 fps from my 20"Wilde barrel. A good 200-250 fps more than Hodgdon says I should get from BLC2.

Proceed with caution!

Now that I know how it burns, I've gotten good results from it. It has always cycled my guns even when I went as far down as 22.3 gr and a 55 gr. bullet. (2540) with a carbine buffer. 

I've been running 24.3- 24.5 with Wolf 55 gr. bullets and it cycles fine even with an H2 buffer. Super cheap load!

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They shoot fine. I haven’t benched any of them. I use it just for plinking and the occasional local 2 gun match where distances are from 10-120 yards. Works great!

 I’ve been keeping the pressures a bit low because I’m sure it will be temperature sensitive. Waiting for lockdown to lift so I can get out to chrono at warmer temperatures. 

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Back to the chronograph. Thought I'd weigh some of my brass just to see how "various" it really is. I know water volume is the proper way, but this should get me ballpark.

On the light end was Federal, LC, Frontier, and Hornady in the 92-93gr. range. CBC 100-101gr. GFL and PPU in the middle around 96-98

While there I picked up some MEN brass from the guy next to me. Weighs 105-106 gr.

All loads were 24.5 grains of my lot of WC846 thrown from a Lee Auto Drum. 5 shot avg. 16" 5.56 barrel. 70 degrees

55 gr. Wolf FMJ. 2.250" COAL. About a 3 MOA load. It is cheap!

FC-2874 ES124 SD44

Frontier- 2882 ES158 SD55

GFL- 2886 ES57 SD24

PPU- 2921ES111 SD39

CBC- 2961 ES71 SD23

Nothing outstanding, much less good, here. Works for me for a cheap practice load


62 gr. Hornady SPBT. Seating to the cannelure with this gets you a COAL of around 2.185. I seated to 2.250

Also 24.5 gr. 1-1.5 MOA!

FC- 2839 ES62 SD29

CBC- 2881 ES71 SD 28


Factory Magtech 62FMJ 5.56 2838fps ES130 SD45

Factory PMC M855 2826 ES56 SD21

Factory Frontier M193 2973 ES63 SD22

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