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Lyman universal spring loaded decapping die

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Guessing this is part of the die set Lyman is supposed to be making for M7 presses. 


I haven’t used the MA but I really like that FW Arms decap die...


Only issue I have with FW arms decap die is height which causes problems if running the Dillon trimmer on 550 press. 


Nice price point on this Lyman decap die. It’s only $15 more than the cheap crap one they sell. 


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Got the die in, first off the machining and polishing are nice and the lock ring is the same size as Dillion’s. 
the decapping pin has a flat wire spring and wiggles a little, in use I found if the pin wasn’t perfectly line up with the flash hole, the decapping pin would walk its way into the flash hole and deprime the case

I ran around 300 cases thru it and it worked flawlessly 

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Yeah, this is one of the dies from the new Pro Die sets they will be selling. They have some of the dies ready and In Stock now, but not all.

I really like the FW Arms decapper and swager hold down dies. I liked them so much that I got them for both 9mm and .223. The auto-centering feature of them is more designed to work with rifle brass, but they still work very well with 9mm.

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