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Decapping Pin Compatability

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I have mostly Hornady New Dimension Dies.

Their "Headed" style decap pins are nearly $1.50 each.

But RCBS and Lyman also make "Headed" pins sold in 5 or 10 packs for much less and I'd like to know if they are interchangeable.


Any advice on saving a buck or two would be appreciated.

lyman pins.jpg


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FYI Hornady sells a 5 pack of pins on Brownells for $8.99, not cheap but better than buying 1 at a time.


If I remember correctly the Lyman pins will work in the Hornady spindle dies but the pin will be shorter than the Hornady pins. I haven't tried it personally though. Get a few on Amazon and if it doesn't work ship em back.


Good luck

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Damnedest thing. I went thru two in two weeks. Bent the spindle a little first time so I bent it back best I could and got several hundred more loaded then had a case turn sideways on me.


I did see a review on amazon that the lymans will work in Hornady dies but are a bit shorter. As CPD7119 stated above Thank you.

So $4.00 for 10 of them at Midsouth Shooters Supply. I will tag them on to a future order.

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