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Powder Measure

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10 hours ago, cbrussell said:

I was thinking of adapting a Harrell’s Powder Measure to a Dillon 1050.


If you know anyone who makes adapters for mounting a Harrell's to a Dillon 550/650/1050, please let me know!


Below a pic of my attempt to combine a Harrell's with a XL650 but it is still hand operated......


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14 hours ago, Butterpuc said:

Yes, it was well worth it.  I installed the UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit many years ago. 




seconded on the uniquetek. 


one thing i'm doing is when i label the loaded rounds, i do bullet weight-powder-micrometer setting, so i can dial in the change in powder when i change bullet weights. 

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I like the Hornady PM for stick powder. Unfortunately, you may know it won’t fit on a 1050 due to primer tube. 


I am about to run 1500 30-06 rounds with Varget. Last time I ran them on my 550 with Hornady PM. This time, I am going to use the 1050 doing it in two passes. First just to prime and expand with M die. 2nd to powder drop and seat. 

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