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Champion Wobble Base.

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Got one for my Wheely Bird 2.0 delivered on Thursday. I went out to the BLM on Friday and tried it out. It is awesome. It throws targets from about 3 feet off the ground to almost straight up and everywhere in between and left to right and everywhere in between. You just never know where its going to throw it.
Man when the targets come out of there at about 3 feet off the ground they seem really fast and then it will shoot one almost straight up and they seem really slow. I think this is going to be a helpful practice tool. Not to mention a lot of fun.


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How long have you had the wheely bird 2 for and about how many clays if you can guess.  looking into an electric thrower but have heard some of the lower end ones break down after 1000 clays or so. 

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I have had it for about a year and have put several thousand clay's through it. The only issue I have had with it is sometimes It won't feed the last clay and I have to dry fire it and then it will feed it.  Other than that it works flawlessly. The remote works  great with the delay. I hang it on the zipper of my vest (I have the delay set for about 6 seconds) press the button and wait for the target. 

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