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Dillion Powder Measure Question

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How do I get the measure to throw accurate loads when using the large powder bar?  When I am loading for pistols using the small bar the throws are spot on.  When I try to load for rifle using the large bar my throws are +/-.5 grain.  I am using 748 and TAC as my powders.  I have tried two measures and 4 different powder bars and the results are the same.  The calibers I am loading are 5.56 and .308.  When I try these powders in a measure with a small powder bar they measure out just fine.

It is at the point where I can not trust the measure to throw a accurate load and have to weigh each one to make sure it is correct.  Kind of defeats the advantage of using the 550 for rifle loads.


Thanks for any help,


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Polish the inside of the measure...the cast part’s surface is rough.  Certainly helped out my measures.  Some folks report improved consistency with an aftermarket powder baffle.  Spherical powder like TAC dropped with improved accuracy after I polished mine. Still would vary .3 at times. How hard you run the machine matters as well.  If you care about accurate powder throws, you have to slow down. 

As an aside, I rigged a Hornady powder measure with their case activation accessory to throw extruded rifle powder.  

ETA - Google precision ammo loading on a Dillon or similar. Quite a few detail forum threads out there...

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This is what I used to increase the accuracy of my powder drops. I don't work for this guy and I have no interest in his profit but I have one of these on both of my powder bars. 


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I would clean/polish the inside of the hopper.  I load 223/556 and 308 on my 650.  I use H335 for 223/556 and H4895 for 308.  Both are very consistent throws.  As stated above, you need to slow down a little.  Try holding the down stroke for a second or two.  Remember that you're dropping a lot of powder into a rifle case, not 3-4 grains of pistol powder into a pistol case.

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Uniquetek has a pdf in their tips and tricks section that can help get some more accuracy out of the dillon powder measure. I gave up on powder dispensing for rifle and just have my dies in my 550 and use my redding powder measure to do 50 rounds all at one time. Less movement during powder drops make for more consistent drops. Then back to the dillon for bullets and crimp.

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