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Armanov compensator 9mm pcc

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Tested yesterday:


30 rounds both with standard JP tactical comp and Armanov 9mm equalizer comp


124 gn Frontiers with 4,1 gn Lovex (basically same as N320) and:


115 FMJ with 5,35 gn N350


All  with standard comp (tactical JP in my case) and Armanov equalizer comp. set at 1.30...


124's no difference. Both up to the right.


115's with slower powder huge difference... 


Armanov comp seems to work! Dot movement reduced to minimal now.. 


Like this. More testing to come.



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I enjoy your posts Henk, and I like that you actually test and compare stuff. Keep up the good work!


I'm a firm believer in upward ports only for a PCC comp, but I've only compared the CMMG original flash hider style comp and the Taccom ULW style comp I presently use. I also time the ports to about 1:30.


Will the aluminum hold up, you think? It's not the favored material with handgun open comps, but probably longer PCC barrels are not as hard on the material.

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7 hours ago, GhostDog said:

Fasthenk, can you give more load data on the 115/N350 load?

Standard JP setup?


I tried slow powders with lower bullet weights, but they did not burn completely due to the blowback system.

They're plated round nose 115 bullets (Frontier) at 28,6mm (1.126) OAL with little crimp and 5,35 gn N350. Though they are at 130 PF out of my 14,5 barrel they feel ' harder' then 124's at 136 PF... But sight recovery / dot movement is much less! Let me know if you need more info.  My JP is short stroked with 2 Tungsten/3steel.

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Thank you!

I tried Lovex D37.1 with 124, about 7.5 grain.

Left a lot of residue and half burnt powder grains around the bolt, so I went with D32 and 147.


(Also tried D37.1 with 100gr bullets, big mess....  Not enough contact area, bolt opens very fast.)

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On 4/19/2020 at 3:44 PM, Fasthenk65 said:

My JP feels sluggish with 147's... another nice load was with 124 plated and 4 gn of Swiss Reload RS12! This I still have to test with the new comp though..

Factory blazer 115’s felt the fastest and best out  of my JP

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