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Just did a safety rework on my m3k, figured I’d share as some of us may not have a lot of extra $$ right now by a fair amount of time. One of the first things I noticed on the gun was how hard it was to disengage the safety, after some reading a pretty fair number of others have thought similarly. I know MOA makes a good option that apparently reduces the disengagement force, and if you got funds I’d say go for that - but I’d decided to tinker. As always, be careful when working on safety/trigger assemblies! 

After removing the safety button (pretty simple mechanism, not unlike an AR with a spring, plunger, and retainer — pin in this case) I was planning to shorten or replace the spring that exerts force on the plunger. It is stout, so much so that I wasn’t sure cutting it would help, maybe just cause problems. So I examined the engagement surfaces - the plunger on mine was very smooth and round, but the ridge it moved over to engage/disengage was very tall and sharp. I took a file and some sandpaper/polish and removed about 1/3 of the ridge and polished it up with fine grit, focusing on the surface that is used to go from “safe” to “fire”. Overall massive success, the force required is about half of what it was but still a positive click and no slip or play. 

Best part of this on the m3k with the triangle safety head if you do somehow mess up the filing you can rotate the safety head and get a fresh engagement surface, so if needed you have 3 tries to get it right. Not sure what this means for m3000 folks with the small round safety, but im pretty happy with the free mod. Took less than 15 minutes total, not even enough time to finish a beer. 

feel free to pm me if you’re needing more explanation or pics. 

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