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Dillon 6.5 sizing dies won't chamber case

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Did a search and any responses were about seven years old.

I have the Dillon 1500 trimmer and have have trimmed a lot of 223 brass with it. Just went through setting the press up to trim 6.5. So far I've been decapping and resizine my match brass with the Redding Competition die on my Forster single stage.

So I annealed a batch of Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass, did the usual Dillon spray lube where I place a handful of brass in a heavy duty ziplock bag that is already wet with lube, add couple more spritz and shake and roll thoroughly. Dump on a dry towel, lightly spread out and let the alcohol flash of a couple of minutes. Run all the brass through the Redding on the Forster.

Now we get to the Dillon part. Started off using the brass as it came off the resizing die and ran a press cycle to run the brass into the trim die. Brass went in really hard which was the first hint. Tried to lower the ram and the head flanges broke off the case it was so badly jammed. Tool head and die go over the the big a$$ vice to use like an anvil and punch the brass out. OK, I tried to punch it out, I ended using a torch and a punch to get it out. Relubed another brass, tried again, same thing really hard to go in, had a few thousands of end of case extending from the die, tried to remove, broke head flanges and chipped my shell plate. Repeat extraction with torch and I mean I'm pounding on that thing. Check my lube, try again and case was getting jammed half way going into the die. WTH??? Cases have already been sized and drop into the Wilson gage and plunk. Will not go into the Dillon trim gage. After the first stuck case I cleaned the die again using Lucas Contact Cleaner, case stuck. Lubed die with silicone along with case lube using Dillon lube. Case stuck. After three stuck cases I'm trying anymore.

Thought I would shout out here before I contact Dillon.

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Interesting - related but different problem I just had sizing a batch of once fired 6.5  Creedmoor brass from Graf's.  I bought 500 new, and 500 once fired to work up loads, blaster ammo and then "good" ammo. One batch of the used brass ( all Hornady by the way) had a fair number - like 20 cases that were very difficult to press into my RCBS die and ended up with 5 or so  stuck ripping the rim off.  I use a combo of dillon case lube and some teflon lube that stays on well and have had no issues with it in thousands of rifle rounds of various calibers. there was a huge difference in the amount of force needed to size deprime the brass, and I had to drill and tap the stuck cases to remove with my home made stuck case tool. after the 4th one, I started feeling for it, and stopped the sizing before stuckage happened.  So, some Brass was easy or hard, same lube on all, same correct 6.5 CM die properly adjusted.  I assume that some of these were just fired in a chamber that was a little oversized or a lot hotter load.  Real PIA and a waste of brass.

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Update on status

Relubbded the already lubed and sized brass and so long as I ran it wet it ran OK. If the lube started to flash and dry the cases would get tougher and had couple more stick when the lube got to dry. PIA as had the power trimmer all set and had to go through the process again each time a case stuck. Ended up hand dropping cases into the case feeder tube rather than actually run the case feeder. As wet as I was running the brass didn't want the extra mess to clean in the hopper.

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