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Need help, installed a Henning Flat trigger into a Stock III.


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I've installed a Henning Flat trigger into my Stock III 10mm.  Yes, moving to SA only was intentional. Henning said is was possible, but it required tuning.

Concurrent with the install I put a EGW SA hammer and EGW SA hard sear in as well.  


The trigger functions and it is freak'n awesome! It has a very short take up, crisp wall and immediate break.


The problem:

   If I pull the trigger, and hold the trigger, cycle the slide, the hammer auto drops.  The hammer rides the back of the slide as the gun goes into battery. THERE IS NO HAMMER/TRIGGER RESET If I do the same thing, but hold the hammer back, after cycling the slide, and slowly release the trigger, the trigger resets after a VERY short forward travel and catches the hammer.  

   Also, the safety will not engage with the hammer fully cocked.  It will only engage at the half-cock notch, which is very close to full hammer down. However, in that position, if the safety is switched to off, the trigger functions and the hammer falls that very short distance to down.  Observing the sear when the hammer is fully back, the port side (left, if looking at the gun from back to front) of the sear is about 2/3rds raised but does not have enough clearance for the safety bar/riser to fit under it and block the sear.  


  So I need help working through this...if even possible.  I don't want to start removing metal until I know from where, and how much, and/or if it's a parts issue?  There is no place for an interrupter on the EGW SA hammer so there isn't one in the gun currently, did I miss a component that is part of the SA assembly?


I haven't live fired it and won't until I resolve this, because I don't consider it safe.  


Please help me work though this.  I'm on mandatory self-isolation and this is one of my projects. 


Parts in the gun:

Henning Spring kit (14lb hammer spring)

Henning XL Firing pin

EAA xtreme Firing pin safety

EGW SA Hard sear

EGW SA P9 Hammer

Henning Flat Trigger (Pre and over travel screws in "factory" New in box settings)

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The EGW hammer has to be fit, as in using a dremmel tool on the underside. It is not a drop in part. 

If you aren’t sure about it don’t do the work yourself. 

Search through the forum for info. If you can’t find it contact Henning. 

Here’s a picture of the area from another thread.




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