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The Abundance of misinformation....


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It has become my biggest pet peeve of late, and gets on my nerves quicker than a cat on a milk jug ring. People posting on FB and youtube entire lectures on things they obviously know absolutely nothing about. People who put two and two together and come up with 9,571.


For example: A friend recently sent me a link to a video where a truck driver was showing a truck stop lot full of bob-tailed trucks and telling people to get stocked up because supply lines were shutting down. Just days before I was sent another link of a video by a truck driver showing the mile long line of trucks waiting to get unloaded and reloaded at a WalMart Distribution Center and complaining that he had been waiting for more than 6 hours to get unloaded. The WDC dock workers were unloading and reloading as fast as they possibly could and as soon as a truck pulled out of a dock another backed in.


So, what was the truth? What the former didn't take into account is that not all trucks are carrying food and supplies on a daily basis. In fact prob'ly near half the trucks on the road, on a normal day, are NOT carrying ANYTHING for retail. Case in point; I drive dedicated lanes for Ford. Engines, to be exact, from Romeo MI to KTP in Louisville. Ford shut down ALL production on 3/26 and does not look to restart until 4/12. That leaves me, and several thousand other truck drivers with no loads. We're sitting, our trucks bob tailed until things start up again. Meanwhile, other truck drivers who regularly run loads for WalMart, Target, Meijer, Kroger, Etc, are running non-stop.

I got another link to a news story saying that dairy farmers were dumping milk down the drain while store dairy coolers were sitting empty. What the reporter didn't investigate and didn't bother to even try to understand is that half of all dairy milk production goes to schools and restaurants. BOTH of which use VERY different packaging than the 1 gal and 1/2 gal milk jugs you get at the store. So what's the problem? Two-fold. 1. Milk processors that are set up for the 1/2 pint cartoons distributed in schools and the 5 gal cartons used in restaurants can't just change the machinery to package it in jugs for retail stores. 2. Think about this REAL HARD: In this time of nationwide lock-down, are you really using any more milk than you did before? Neither am I. And milk does not keep forever, nor can you freeze it to keep it longer. (the fat separates from the lactose and looks disgusting and doesn't taste much better) So why are the coolers empty and why are farmers dumping milk down the drain? Because the milk processors who bottle milk for the store are running those lines full tilt but cannot use all the milk they would normally get for schools and restaurants. And people are hoarding like total idiots and hoarding milk that they will eventually be dumping down their own drain because it went bad.

And a rash of stories involving people who heard hydrochloroquine is helping with COVID19 and deduced that "chloro" is chlorine and drank bleach. That Bill Gates holds a patent for corona virus. and the list goes on.

There are a thousand others, like veganism is the healthiest diet on the planet, flat earth, chem trails, and one moron who did a 20 min youtube video claiming airline fuel surcharges are fake because jet airplanes run on compressed air, not jet fuel.

People see a tiny part of something and don't bother to LOOK at the rest of it before they rattle off their own explanations based on the one tiny bit they saw. Don't be THAT guy. If you don't KNOW it for a FACT, sit down and SHUT UP. Stop spreading MIS-information. 

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