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"Detonation" and light PCC loads

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About 30 something years ago I photographed a Thompson barrel that had bullets stacked like that. It was real. Blow back guns will do that. 

Detonation claims are mostly excuses for double charges and/or no charges followed by a round with powder or two charges. Small volume powder charges let reloaders make mistakes that would not happen with a powder that fills the case or nearly so.  If you are using a load that fills the case, you can’t double charge one. It won’t go in. 

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I had an out of battery detonation when PSA started first making their PCC uppers.

The barrel was short throated and a factory round number 5 detonated with about 1/3 of the case sticking out. I ended up having brass hit my support side wrist and draw blood. The upper went right back to PSA .

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I did some extensive research on this a few months ago, ran down every internet lead and talked to the technical people at most of the reloading companies.  I was interested in testing subguns for a squib.  I could find no recorded instance of a light powder detonation that could be actually verified.  (though I continue to be interested in finding one).  Nearly every story turned out to be either one of the problems described above, someone racking a slide/bolt and firing after a squib, or someone repeating something they read elsewhere on the internet.  The reloading companies mostly haven't tested very light loads so they recommend against or are liability wary.  Mind you this is for pistol loads, rifle can be and is different particularly with large volume Nitro Express cases and filler.

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