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Anybody shoot ICORE Rimfire?


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2 hours ago, AzShooter said:

Nice rig.  Where did you get the speedloader holder?


Got them from Bob at 4WheelGuns.com  They have a magnet in them and the speedloaders have a ferromagnetic screw in them that holds the loader in place in the holder.  They're also handy for steel challenge shooting.

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7 minutes ago, RangerMcFadden said:

I’ve never really considered the “hardness” of rimfire primers. Who is the “federal primer” of 22? How low can you get you trigger pull down to with a 22 Revo?

I've had my best luck with Federal BYOB and Remington Bucket Of Bullets.  They are both .38 grain HPs but in the revolver there is no feeding problem.


The lowest I've gotten my trigger pull is 6.5 pounds.  I keep it at a hair over 7 so that I get 100 % reliability.

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Good afternoon Guys.

I hope you are all doing ok, in these very trying times.


I a looking forward to trying my S/W 617 10 shot in ICORE, if this crap had not happened, I would have gotten the chance in May at the next match, but that's life.

I had to add an C/L extended firing pin to my 617 to insure that the rounds always went off, I have about 4000 rounds through it on the longer pin, not one failure.

I use Agula .22 as it was the most consistent in power factor, I needed this for the mover in AP, the round is going 1050 no less and up to 1060 max, OMG what great ammo.

Fifty yards on the practical all x's sort of, its me not the ammo. 

The one thing that's for sure, I can not get the trigger lighter than 8.5lbs, I can live with that.


Be safe out there, this will end.




AP / IPSC / USPSA / ICORE / PPC / Rim fire Challenge sort of.

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2 hours ago, ysrracer said:

Doesn't apex make a "heavy" hammer?

Yes they make a new Mass Drive Hammer for the 617  and it works great.  Randy says it will give you a 6.5 pound trigger without modifications to your firearm.  I did change my rebound spring to an 11 pounder.

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On 4/1/2020 at 6:48 PM, ysrracer said:

My buddy does





I would like to hear more about this gun.  I haven’t seen a custom cylinder like that.  Who did the work?

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