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M&P 5" slide milled for optic


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Has anyone had their M&P 5" M2.0 slide milled for an optic?  RMR, Vortex etc.  I have the first version with the top loaded chamber indicator and was wondering what they do with that when they mill the slide.  Also interested in other mods that can be done without breaking the bank.

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Check with Floyds customs, seems like the go to place for m&p milling work. 


Most common m&p mods (that can be done relatively easily at home) are an Apex trigger and barrel. Extended magazine release is also cheap and easy and several options are available. 

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So far, on mine (2.0 9MM 5" FDE 9MM) the best "feel" thing I've done is install the Apex trigger kit.  Trigger is absolutely awesome now, better than some of my hammer fired CZs.


The best thing I've done to reduce groups is to install an Apex barrel.  


And, mine seems to like the Winchester 9MM Nato 124 grain FMJ ammo for shooting it's best groups.  It doesn't do well with the Remington 115 FMJ, the Federal 115 FMJ, the 115 grain hollow point reloads that do so well in my CZ pistols, or the 147 grain Winchester hollow points.


In another thread on this forum a member suggested to me to look into replacing the front locking block in my pistol.  He said he did that on his and it tightened up the barrel play/movement and improved his groups.  That will be my next attempt.

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