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American Classic XB 1911


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Been thinking about a 'poor mans' 1911 double-stack 9mm for a while.  STIs and the like are just too far beyond my budget.  Given that, only a few options come up for a metallic 1911 double stack - Remington R1 Limited (no longer available), RIA's TAC Ultra FS HC (seemingly unobtanium) and the Metro Arms American Classic XB 1911.  If I wanted a polymer gun, there are odles of options.


Since the XB 1911 seems to be the only available option, my questions are directed towards it.


I like the flared magwell of the Remington and RIA, however the XB 1911 does not come with one.  I've seen a few options for mag wells, but nothing for the XB.  Those that I've sen for the RIA all suggest the gun may be needed to 'trimmed' in order for the aftermarket mag well to fit.   Since the RIA and XB 1911 are both made in the Philippines, by companies that appear to be 'sisters', one has to wonder if a mag well for a RIA would fit w/o issue on the XB 1911.  Can anyone shed some light on a mag well option for the XB 1911,  and while at it recommend magazines that will work with the mag well?



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Ya check out Hayes Custom he has done a lot with the RIA and has some Youtube videos that are helpful. The RIA has what he calls a tail bone frame that sticks out the bottom the XB and some RIA like the TCM frames are flat on the magwell. I believe Cheely Custom was the only one I could find still making a magwell for the XB style frame. I am just getting into some gunsmithing and was researching mods to the RIA to sup them up. they can build a whole gun for less than I can buy parts for.


I shoot 3 gun and ended up buying a used STI that I like but felt really guilty spending on. I thought that there may be a market for a modified RIA for comp. we will see in the future if that turns out to be true but Hayes Custom is a few years ahead of me on the game and has tried most things already.

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