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Ed brown Custom 9mm 1911


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Had innovative Custom do some additional work to my Ed Brown 9mm 1911.  Replaced the grip safety & safety with EGW parts and had a EGW mag well added to the pistol.  The first time I took the pistol out to shoot the slide wedged back.   There was a piece of metal stuck between the slide and frame.  It scored the frame pretty good.  I've never have seen this happen in any pistol.  So it went back to Innovative Custom.  Jim Milkes welded the frame rails an recut them the I had the pistol Ionbonded.  Got it back and have maybe 300 rounds through.  Absolutely love how soft a 9mm 1911 shoots.  Kudo to Jim Milkes for bringing this pistol back to life.

Ed Brown 9mm 1911 one.jpg

Ed Brown 9mm 1911 two.jpg

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It is a tack driver!.. Though when I got it back from Innovative it was on the tight side.  Couldn't use my reloads because it wouldn't cycle.  After about 100 rounds of ball through it will now cycle my  reloads.  Can't even shoot it now:(  All the Ranges in PA are closed due to the Corona virus..  

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