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I found one...


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I managed a range trip Tuesday.  The gun shoots like a dream.  I put 500 rounds through it without a bobble.


At 15 yards I'm able to keep all 18-19 rounds on a 6" paper plate.  This while drawing from the holster and in under 20 seconds.  For this old broken Marine that's as good as it gets with open sights.


The recoil is NIL.  This big heavy hunk of iron soaks up recoil!  The sights barely move when firing.  


4 gr of WST under a 125 gr RNFP from a MP mold.  Shoots like a dream in everything I've tried it in.


I might have to see if I can find a 45 ACP version now!  Though my XDM Competition withe the PRP Extreme trigger kit is a damn fine pistol.  With the red dot on it and my reloads it's a one ragged hole gun at 15 yards if I do my part.  


I'm loading 3.6 gr Clays under a Lyman 452630 or RCBS 201 KT bullet.  I've been playing with 4.3 gr Vectan A1 under the same bullets.  VERY soft shooting and VERY accurate.

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