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I have a new XL750 with about 1500 rds through it that about 10% of the primers skip a cycle. If I load 25 rds 2-3 will advance on the shellplate without a primer and it's not me failing to push forward on the handle. I've tried adding some weight to the plastic primer rod  thinking some primers were sticking in the tube with no better luck. I'm using Fed Gold Match Small Pistol primers. I'm tired of pulling bullets so any advice is appreciated.

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Hey GoatMumbler;

I too had this issue upon purchasing my first Dillon for my Christmas gift last year, 750XL. I had to adjust the primer cup placement screw about a half turn, in my case, counter clockwise. Instructions for doing this is on page 50 of your manual. This procedure completely solved the issue for me!

Hope that helps, cheers

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For reference for anyone else having primer issues on the 750:


I was also having issues with mine. Every 10-30 rds, primers would stop feeding, and then after 2 cycles, or sometimes 20, the press would randomly kick out 2 primers, flying all over the place. 


In my case the primer cup was aligned correctly. What fixed it was I replaced the small tip at the bottom of the primer magazine tube. 


When I looked at the one I took off vs the one I replaced it with, visually I couldn't see a difference. But something was off, or maybe slightly damaged during assembly, just enough to cause problems. 

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