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which lower did you use for your PCC ?

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For my wife's "just for fun" Wiland-barreled PCC I used a Foxtrot Mike Glock lower.  Pretty much runs like a watch.

For my configuration using a CMMG 8" upper I used an ADM lower with CMMG-configured Endomags.  I'll use it for steel challenge and will try USPSA just for fun as the only PCC shooter having to do a mag change.

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QC-10 colt lower is the best one out there for the platform. Hands down.


I still have one I need to cerakote black and sell. Or find an upper and coat the two in a matching color. Or something.


The lower has got my old stainless/tungsten pattern on it still. Just try and picture this lower on an otherwise black rifle. 😂



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Since I had to get a pre-ban lower in my state to use a legal rifle, I have a PWA preban lower and was using a Stern mag adapter for Glock mags.  I've recently got a CMMG RDB upper system, so I may be transitioning to that and taking out the Stern, since I can use the CMMG-version Endomags like Rick.  I also have a Foxtrot Mike (also Glock mags) that I bought as an 'other' weapon (essentially a pistol with a 12"+ barrel and vertical fore grip) that I use with various 9mm straight-blowback uppers depending on the venue/match.  All of the above run great, but there was a time when the FM was having ejection and cycling issues.  It turned out that the ejector blade set screws had come loose and it was sort of flopping around, which was affecting everything.  Once tightened and loctited, been 100%.  So always check those ejectors.

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PSA colt lower, it was an early model and I had to slightly bent the ejector towards the center and file down the nose of the bolt catch to clear the rounds in mag after those 2 mods it’s runs

i also have a cmmg colt lower and I ran into constant ftf, after trying different mags, uppers, bullet lengths and loads to get it to feed

I compared the bullet guides from the psa and the cmmg, and noticed the ramp on the cmmg bullet guide was Rather blunt and higher than the psa.  Which resulted in the bullets striking the blunt portion of the feed ramp then going up the bullet guide

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IMHO, QC10 is absolutely the best direct blowback AR-platform option. They have figured out how to make their PCCs robust and reliable. Unless you enjoy the challenge of tinkering and spending money to get a frankengun working, buying a QC10 is really a case of "buy once, cry once". If you want a custom solution, at least get their lower, upper and bolt (barrel would be smart too)... for other parts, you can get away with alternate brands.

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I also bought a taccom upper glock mags and found out today that the mag rides too high in my JP lower  and the bolt jams on the mag follower. Going to try out a friends QC tonight.

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