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X5 legion holster

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It shows 4.7" in the sig, 5" in S&W but it is an open bottom design with a sight channel so I would say yes.


Dont have one and I didn't stay at a Holliday Inn.

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I have a P320 full size GLS holster. I have used my X5 with optic mounted in the GLS and it works just like the full size does. I used it with the X5 for a class where I would be getting in and out of cars and getting into weird positions. Because of that I wanted some retention. 

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11 hours ago, Armedinmd said:

I'm not too sure about the ALS but I have been using the GLS, so I know that fits. 


Which gls holster are you using. Was thinking 578 wide and long. 

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The ALS for the full sized P320 will work for the X Five.




Any of these for a full size should work.  Get a model for an attached light like a x300 and that'll insure room for the slightly longer barrel.  The tac light models work with or without light attached.  The only down side is these holsters don't work with a red dot attached.

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