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PX4 .40


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I had the opposite switching from the 92 series, I shot way high at first. After a couple trips, I figured out my grip and shot dead on with factory settings.

Neat guns, very comfortable in .40, great performance and calue. Definitely my current choice for .40 right now.


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I have one - quite delightful to shoot. 


What sort of .40 ammo are you running? Low hits would indicate it's sighted for something slower. I have the opposite problem; my competition loads are slow enough that I'm still hitting a bit high with a 6-o'clock hold at 13 yards. Mine has the trijicon sights if that makes any difference.


You can also replace your factory sights with Beretta's adjustable target model. I have these on my 9mm PX4 - I picked them up when Beretta had crazy sales around Christmas time. Be advised that you will not be changing sights without a sight pusher, though.

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I’ve been running S&B 180 grain. Today, I ran some Blazer Brass 165 along with some  WWB 180 JHP. Pistol has functioned without any issues.


I ran the PX4 Storm side by side with my Glock 22. I was on with the PX4 as long as I remembered to keep the front post above the top edge of the rear posts. But I had to adjust as I moved from 5 to 7 to 10 yards and figure how much more to angle up. Kind of frustrating as. I had some shot where I wanted and some all over the place.


As to the G22, I put the front post in between the rear and as long as I didn’t jerk the trigger, I was on. However, I found myself shooting high a few times because I was switching pistols in between mags and sometimes I put the posts of the G22 above the rear like I had been doing on the Storm. 


I’m pretty confident with the Storm at 5-7 yards for self defense. But if I was shooting at a steel hostage target at 10 yards or more, I’m not sure I would be too accurate. 


On the other hand, the PX4 Storm is.a very light shooting .40 and I want to like it. This was my 3rd range trip since purchasing. I’ll probably give it one more trip and decide if it’s something I want to keep.

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10 minutes ago, matteekay said:

Again, if you wind up wanting to keep it, I'd just swap the sights for an adjustable set and dial it in.


That may be what I do. I actually think I would carry this pistol if I was confident in my ability to put shots on target. Shoots like a 9mm. I played around with a nylon holster this morning IWB and it was very doable, although I would go with kydex if I choose to carry. I used the 10 round mag to keep it a little lighter than a full 14 or 17 round mag would be. I think 10 + 1 of .40 would be a good carry option as opposed to the 6 + 1 I normally carry of 9mm in my Glock 43.

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