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9mm vs. .38 short colt in a S&W revo


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Yes, using 9mm data is a great starting point for 38 short colt. 


But, plenty of people have already put in the work developing 38 short colt loads, you can probably just list your powder and bullet weights and get plenty of great recommendations. 

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I just started out with a short colt the load I have been using that works well for me is 2.9 grs. of TightGroup with a 160 gr. Bayou set at 1.160 that's in my 627 PC I'm sure there are other loads that will work well also  

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I chrono'd these thru my gun

Name: Titegroup.38 Short Colt 2.8gr,  158gr Berry's Bullet
Notes: Mike Reed gave me these to try.
Shots: 7
Average: 734 ft/s
SD: 15 ft/s
Min: 702 ft/s
Max: 746 ft/s
Spread: 44 ft/s
Power Factor Average: 116
Power Factor Low: 110
Power Factor High: 117
Weight: 158.0 gr.
OAL: 1.95
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I find that most of the loads I use in 38 short colt reach power factor with shorter oal. Try the Tightgroup at 2.9 and oal at1.160. 

My load I use is 3.4 VV320 and oal at 1.180 power factor 132. 160 coated bullet using different brands

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I’m happy to share my load but I use 147gr blues so wouldn’t help you. I will share that my OAL is 1.19 a friends is 1.2. My loads are near the upper limit of the published safe range for 9. On my cheap Chrono, I’m in the 130 PF range - the last major I averaged 134 on the fancy one with a dark box.

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Go with Clays 2.8 gives me 820 f/s w/160 Bayous, It flowed better with the Dillon Small Charge Powder Bar but it fills the case more than Titegroup.

Titegroup works ok, but tends to heat up the barrel quicker.  AA powders tend to escape the powder bar and/or grate with the spacer.

The one thing to do is load longer than 9mm.  A 160 bullet will need to be 1.170" or longer or it tends to bulge the case.  A 145 bullet can go a bit less 1.150.

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