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High cap Caspian frames use a proprietary magazine that resembles a large frame tanfoglio magazine.   I know at one point Caspian had some high cap 45 mags available that I think were converted from tanfo mags.   Mags in any caliber other than 9mm/38 super have always been a issue with Caspian. I know MBX tried making a small run of Caspian mags but I think those were 9mm.


I took a quick look and they seem to have a small number of converted mags in stock.



Or call them, they are generally good to deal with and happy to answer questions.

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good luck, I gave up on my pin gun project , 45 caspain frame,,, due to no working magazines.  Tried the modded Eaa witness mag which is what that mecgar POS is,,, wont work reliably if at all. Also tried factory EAA 45 mag, again, no go not even close.
Honestly far as I am concerned Caspain can take a long walk on a short pier.  They did same thing 20 years ago with the limited guns, cranking out and selling 40 frames and guns,, but,, nope screw you if you want a magazine.

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It's super easy to modify Tanfoglio magazines to work in Caspians. You just need to enlarge the cut out a little for the slide stop and square up the top front right corner of the mag where it hits the ledge in the frame. You will also need to replace the plastic base pad or trim it down to clear the magwell. I have several 9mm and 40 tanfo mags that I run in my caspians. Takes me about 5 min a mag to make the modifications with a dremel.

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In the attached pictures you will see one modified mag and one stock mag from each side. The top mag in each picture is modified, these are 9mm Mags so the bodies may look a little different. 


The easiest way I found to do it is to strip the slide off the gen so you can see what your doing as you remove material. Strip the mag down to the tube. The right hand side if the mag hits a lip in the front right corner of the frame that limits its insertion. You will need to square this area of the mag tube up and possibly lower it a touch until you can slide the tube into the frame far enough for the mag to click into the mag release. Once it will lock in your good on that side.





Then on the left side you will need to enlarge the slide stop notch in the mag enough to clear the slide stop, this one may be a bit more than necessary but its not critical just needs to clear the slide stop. Once that's done the tube is good to go. 



Once you have the tube fitting then its just a matter of making sire whatever mage base you are using clears the frame or magwell, the factory plastic ones stick too far forward but can be dremmeled down to fit. I have a couple Taylor Freelance extensions that I had to file on a little to get to fit, I think Hennings fit as is but I'm not 100% on that, the factory Caspian extensions are pretty nice but I don't know if they are available anymore.




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