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Pending Retirement


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5 hours ago, bcp said:

Congrats.  It's always interesting to hear the stories of people hitting retirement and what they do afterwards.  What's the next chapter?

Wife and I will be relocating to Texas to be closer to our 2 sons and 4 granddaughters.  I plan to spend time in my new gun room reloading ammo, going to the range and shooting matches with my existing and new Texas shooters.  I plan to have a regiment of biking and working out and enjoying every day as though it may be my last :) 

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4 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, I'd hang on to that

job as long as you can.     :) 

Jack, I am currently an office administrator for a group of financial advisors and believe me the turn in the financial market has been beyond believable.  While I am not wealthy I am conservative in my spending and investments.  If the case should warrant having to go back to work then I will do so but it will be under my terms.  With my experience and knowledge I have a lot to offer.  But it is troubling that this had to happen at this time in my life :( 

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On 3/17/2020 at 10:24 PM, RangerTrace said:

Congratulations!!  I joined the KMA club a year and a half ago.  Just waiting on the right gig to punch my ticket.  

But Trace u get to ride all those White horses and wear the white Hat .

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