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Mesquite Mayhem Revolver Classic, pictures and impressions

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Just kidding, I don't do impressions :)

Saturday was the Mesquite Mayhem Revolver Classic revolver match. It's actually held at The Smoking Gun Club in Littlefield Arizona, just a few miles into AZ, not in Mesquite Nevada.

I drove up on Friday and had lunch at Rollin' Smoke BBQ in Las Vegas, with my old buddy "Vegas". What are the chances that a guy that lives in Las Vegas is nicknamed "Vegas"? The BBQ was outstanding. 

The Casa Blanca hotel was the host hotel, and if ever there's a place that's going to be impacted by the corona virus, it's the Casa Blanca. I'm 62 and I was the youngest guy there by a good 20 years.

Early Saturday morning I headed to the range, and realized I had been here 25 years ago when it was called The Oasis Gun Club. They still have a sporting clays range.

After a quick check-in, I geared up. They must have 20 bays here. In fact they still had the Steel Challenge set up from Friday.

I was on squad 2, so we started on stage 2. I recognized a few of the guys from the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, in AZ.

I've only been shooting revolvers for about a year, but I love it. It's not exactly a young man's sport, and I'm not exactly a young man.

One of the guys from Phoenix asked me if I knew Tim Ring? Knew him, he was best man at my wedding.

I thought the stages were fun and well thought out. Even for a beginner like me, they weren't over the top. The steel stage was fun, but took WAY too long to shoot, and backed everybody up.

Everybody had fun, and the only comment I heard was they needed food on the range. I left at 2:30, and they were just setting up lunch (but I heard it was good).

I came in 50th out of 77, but I'll be back next year. Here's how I did on the stages. A few of them I did OK on.

Stage 1: 47/76
Stage 2: 33/77 (my best stage)
Stage 3: 57/77
Stage 4: 63/77
Stage 5: 49/77
Stage 6: 42/77
Stage 7: 34/77 (my second best stage)
Stage 8: 54/77

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4 hours ago, ysrracer said:

Bruce Landvik sent me this. Here's the video of the guy that won the steel stage. He almost went negative.



He got lucky on that stage. I heard that guy isn’t very good with a revolver. 

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